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Catch number 1 of 162 // Addison Reischel

Updated: Apr 5

The journey to play 162 games of catch in 2021 is officially underway!

Catch number one out of 162 was with my sweet daughter Addison.

Ever since she was real little, we’ve always been “Team Daddison.” Looking back through old photos and remembering summers gone by, Addy and I have experience a bunch of baseball adventures together. I'm proud to say she’s an experienced ballhawk, having snagged baseballs at multiple parks already including Yankee Stadium, Marlins Park, Citizens Bank Park in Philly, and Truist Park in Atlanta. My personal goal is to snag at least one baseball from all 30 Major League parks and so far I'm 10-for-10 (I'll elaborate more about my ballhawking hobby in future posts).

Addy and I went to our first ever Spring Training game the year we lived in Florida in 2018, and she was more than happy to be the one to kick off this whole project!

There was a period for a little bit where she was a St. Louis Cardinals fan - probably because they threw her 5 baseballs during batting practice at Citizens Bank Park against the Phillies a few years back! I’ll need to remember to go back and ask.

Thanks for being the very first game of catch for this season-long adventure, Addy girl.

One down, 161 more to go!


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